Our mission is to promote and facilitate equal opportunities for people with disabilities to more
fully participate in all aspects of community life within the City of Mobile through enhanced
accessibility and heightened community outreach, education and awareness.

The Mobile Area Advisory Commission for the Disabled was enacted by Ordinance 65-01 in 1989 - Click here to read the ordinance.

Members of the Mobile Advisory Commission for the Disabled (MACD) are appointed by the Mayor and City Council Members of the City of Mobile. Commission Members and the Districts they represent are:

Chairperson, Mike Courtney (District 4)

Not Filled (City At Large)
Nancy Robinson (District 1)
Vickery Jones (District 3)
Barbara Hattier (District 6)

Michael Davis (City at Large)
Sr. Lucindia Claghorn (District 2)
Carolyn Greene (District 5)
Minnie Walker (District 7)

And Ex-Officio Member:

Don Rose - ADA Coordinator, City of Mobile

Schedule of upcoming MACD Meetings

January 8  /  February 5  /  March 4

April 1  /  May 6  /  June 3

(Please Note: Scheduling, special events, holidays and other factors can alter exact meeting dates and location.)

Above Picture: Downtown Mobile viewed from the waterfront.

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