Mobile Advisory Commission for the Disabled

NOTICE: The purpose of the MACD web site is to serve as a informational resource for people with disabilities to help them locate disability-related service organizations and businesses, receive feedback from people with disabilities in the Mobile area, and disseminate disability-related information. No endorsement is expressed or implied for any organization and/or business listed on this site. NEVER GIVE OUT FINANCIAL INFORMATION - bank account number, social security number, etc.


Achievement Center - Easter Seals -
Providing vocational development and extended employment programs for physically, mentally,
and developmentally disabled individuals; to assist them in obtaining competitive or extended employment;
and to help maximize their independent living skills.

Alabama Head Injury Foundation -
Seeking to improve the quality of life for people who have survived traumatic brain injuries and for their families.

Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind -

The world's most comprehensive education, rehabilitation and employment system serving children and adults
who are deaf, blind and multi-disabled. With five campuses and nine regional centers throughout the state.

Camp ASCCA -
Alabama's Special Camp for Children and Adults. ASCCA is a nationally recognized leader
in therapeutic recreation for children and adults with both physical and mental disabilities.

Goodwill Easter Seals Gulf Coast -

Providing Services for People with Disabilities and Their Families

Independent Living Center of Mobile -

Seeking to expand opportunities for individuals with disabilities through information
and referral, advocacy, peer support, and training

Individual and Family Support -

Providing people with developmental disabilities and their families with several
opportunities not often available to them in the past.

Lakeshore Foundation -

Offering a wide range of fitness, recreation, athletic and education programs to children and adults
who experience diagnostic conditions including spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, stroke,
amputation, and visual impairment.

Mobile Association for Retarded Citizens -
A community-based, family-centered, advocacy and service system for persons with cognitive,
intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Very Special Arts of Alabama -

A statewide, nonprofit organization dedicated to providing opportunities in the arts for
people with chronic illnesses and disabilities.