Mobile Advisory Commission for the Disabled

NOTICE: The purpose of the MACD web site is to serve as a informational resource for people with disabilities to help them locate disability-related service organizations and businesses, receive feedback from people with disabilities in the Mobile area, and disseminate disability-related information. No endorsement is expressed or implied for any organization and/or business listed on this site. NEVER GIVE OUT FINANCIAL INFORMATION - bank account number, social security number, etc.

State of Alabama

Auburn University Program for Students with Disabilities -

Working collaboratively with students, faculty, staff, and community to reduce educational
barriers, creating a more usable, accessible campus and learning environment.

Department of Mental Health -

Agency responsible for serving Alabama citizens with mental illnesses, intellectual disabilities, and substance abuse addictions.

Department of Rehabilitation Services -

Providing a continuum of services to assist Alabamians with disabilities at home, in school and on the job.
This state agency houses several programs for persons with disabilities, birth through old age.

Department of Senior Services -

A cabinet level state agency that administers programs for senior citizens and people with disabilities.

Office of Governor, State of Alabama -

Official web site for the State of Alabama Governor's Office

State of Alabama -

Official State of Alabama Portal

State of Alabama Attorney General's Office -

Official web site for the State of Alabama Attorney General's Office

State of Alabama Governor's Office on Disability -

Seeking to facilitate the inclusion of Alabamians with disabilities in education, employment, housing, transportation,
health care, and leisure. An excellent resource for information concerning disability issues.

Mobile Area State Representatives & State Senators

Representative Adline Clarke, District 97 (Mobile) / / 334-261-0549
Representative Napoleon Bracy Jr., District 98 (Mobile) / 334-334-261-0556
Representative Sam Jones, District 99 (Mobile) / 334-261-0963
Representative Victor Gaston, District 100 (Mobile) / / 334-261-0563
Representative Chris Pringle, District 101 (Mobile) / / 334-261-0489
Representative Shane Stringer, District 102 (Mobile) / 334-261-0594
Representative Barbara Drummond, District 103 (Mobile) / / 334-261-0564
Representative Margie Wilcox, District 104 (Mobile) /
/ 334-261-0577
Representative Chip R. Brown, District 105 (Mobile) / 334-261-0447

State Senator Vivian Davis Figures, District 33 (Mobile) /
/ 334-261-0871
State Senator Jack W. Williams, District 34 (Mobile) /
/ 334-261-0829
State Senator David R. Sessions, District 35 (Mobile) /
/ 334) 261-0882

U.S. Senators & Representative for Mobile

Senator Doug Jones  -  Mobile Office: 251-414-3083  /  DC Office:  202-224-4124
Senator Richard Shelby  -  Mobile Office:  251694-4164  /  DC Office:  202-224-5744

Representative Bradley Byrne  -  DC Office:  202-225-4931


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