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The Mobile Advisory Commission for the Disabled
Meeting Minutes / December 4, 2019

The Mobile Advisory Commission for the Disabled met for its regular meeting on Wednesday, December 4, 2019 at the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce. Those in attendance were: (Commission Members*)

Jackie Davis  /  Jim Flora  /  Sister Lucindia Claghorn*  /  Don Rose
Carolyn Greene*  /  Barbara Hattier*  /  Lisa Jenkins  /  Ida Lockette  /  Mike Courtney*
Kevin Harrison, Transportation Manager, South Alabama Regional Planning Commission (SARPC)

Those members not in attendance: Minnie Walker, Nancy Robinson and Vickery Jones.


Mike Courtney called the meeting to order.

Last month's minutes were approved by the members present (MC, BH, SLC, CG). Ms. Hattier said she would distribute the minutes electronically for approval by quorum.

There was a discussion regarding zTrip's recent buyout of Yellow Cab and Mobile Bay Transportation. zTrip was recently selected by the South Alabama Regional Planning Commission to receive a federal grant for the purchase the purchase of an accessible van, with the van scheduled to be delivered soon. zTrip is similar to Uber and Lyft, and they have an app like Uber and Lyft.


Mike Courtney introduced Kevin Harrison, Transportation Director for SARPC.

Mr. Harrison first gave an overview of SARPC services and departments including: 1) Economic Development, 2) Planning, 3) Area Agency on Aging, and 4) Transportation. He explained that SARPC is the local MPO (municipal planning organization) for Mobile County. The MPO has a 16-member policy board consisting of area mayors.  He discussed the various projects undertaken by the Transportation Department, including the recently initiated Mobile Area Demand Response Transit System Feasibility Study. Via, an international Demand Response consultant and transit provider, has contracted for the study. The study will look at the current city transit and the feasibility of developing a new county transit and regional transit systems and connecting these new systems to the Wave system. The study would take about six months to complete.

Mr. Harrison said that he would like the MACD to participate as stakeholders in the feasibility study and provide information related to transportation services for people with disabilities.. He also said that local agencies with accessible vans purchased and operated through 5310 grants could be utilized as part of any new transportation system during periods of inactivity of those vans.

It was further discussed that the State of Alabama provides no funding for transportation services, that Mobile County does not support transportation in any manner whatsoever, and that it is possible for people with disabilities to obtain vouchers from DHR and Medicaid to pay for transportation for trips to the doctor.

Mike Courtney, Carolyn Greene and Don Rose have been selected represent the MACD in the study.

The Wave has software on MAP ride destinations that could be used in compiling some needed data. Jackie Davis stated that MAP riders go to all parts of the Wave service area, including work, throughout all operational hours.

The city council determines funding for the MACD, though no funding has been provided at all under the Stimpson administration. All MACD funds are administered by SARPC, and currently the MACD has approximately $13,000 in funds available.

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