experience and by who possess a demonstrated interest in the rights and equal opportunities of persons with disabilities. The Council shall attempt to make appointments to ensure that a least one appointment is a person who is legally blind and one who has a hearing impairment. In addition an effort will be made to appoint individuls who are affected with a physical impairment.

SECTION FIVE. Power and duties of the Commission.

a. Upon request of the Mayor, or executive department head, will conduct programs for City employees which will improve their understanding of the problems of persons with disabilities.

b. To receive complaints from persons with disabilities concerning matters which adversely affect such persons concerning accessibility to public and private facilities; to review and refer such complaints to the appropriate City department and to assist citizens in obtaining corrective action. When corrected action is attempted this fact shall be reported to the two ex officio Council members serving on the Commission in a timely fashion.

c. At the request of the Mayor, or by resolution of the City Council, conduct studies of particular problems confronting persons with disabilities and to recommend corrective action.

d. To make recommendations and to provide coordination and support to City departments and agencies concerning public policies, programs, services an regulations as they affect or may affect persons with disabilities, and to monitor existing programs and policies related thereto.

e. To report to the Mayor and City Council by February of each calendar year on the accomplishments of the Commission for the prior calendar year and proposed programs for the current calendar year. Also, to make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council at any time during the year on actions the Mayor or Council can undertake to alleviate problems affecting persons with disabilities, such recommendations to be made only after investigation, review and analysis by the Commission.

f. To take all actions necessary to accomplish the purpose stated in this Ordinance.

SECTION SIX. The Advisory Commission on the Disabled shall within ninety days of the appointment of the initial commissioners submit to the Mayor and City Council a recommendation of the needs for clerical and secretarial support to the Commission, and if the Council deems such recommendations to be reasonable the Council will request the Mayor to make such personnel available to support the Commission.

SECTION SEVEN. Organization and structure.

Within thirty days of the appointment of the initial Commissioners select one of the regular voting members to serve as Chairman of the Commission and another regular member to serve as Vice Chairman of the Commission. The Commission is authorized to adopt such rules for the conduct its business as it deems appropriate.

SECTION EIGHT. Severability.

If any provision or Section of this Ordinance shall be held invalid, such provision or Section shall be considered separately and apart on the remaining provisions or Section of this Ordinance, which shall remain in full force and affect.

Adopted: May 2 1989