Mobile Advisory Commission for the Disabled



Jackie Davis gave the transit report - Ridership of 6,722; New Customers equals 22; Revenue Miles of 58,319; Passengers/Revenue Hour of 1.51.

Barbara Hattier asked about right-of-way as regards automobiles and bike lanes; cyclist has right-of-way.

Sister Lucindia spoke about difficulty in crossing Government Street in the downtown area in the time provided by the traffic light, especially for someone with mobility issues. Mr. Harrison said that changes were coming to traffic lights in the area that would address this issue.


Mike Courtney reported no updates due to missing June minutes. Barbara Hattier will check into the issue.


Don Rose said he would look into having ex-officio selected for the MACD. He also said the Mayor's office was open to making appointments to the Commission to fill the two currently open at-large positions. And, perhaps applicants might be persuaded to apply for open positions on the Commission. It was mentioned that as ADA Coordinator for the city, Don Rose would be a logical choice for one of the two ex-officio positions.

Clothing items donated by attendees were collected. Ida Lockette volunteered to deliver them to the selected charity.

Barbara Hattier and Mike Courtney discussed funding accountability between the Commission and SARPC, with Chair and Co-Chair having the sole authority to request payments to vendors.


Sister Lucindia spoke about problems with truncated domes on curb cuts at Cathedral Square. She reported this to 311. Don Rose said that she should have received an SRO to ensure that the problem was correctly entered into the 311 system.


Jim Flora reported that the ILC will soon be completely moved into their new building. 

Sr. Lucindia announced she will be celebrating 30 years as a nun. 

Ida announced that the Alabama Institute for Recovery will hold its conference April 6-8 in Chaco Springs, Alabama. She also reminded everyone to contact their legislators regarding HR 4194 National Suicide Designation Act.

Mike Courtney thanked Ms. Hattier for her many years of service to the MACD as this is her last meeting.


The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting will be Wednesday, January 8, 2020 at 1:30 PM at the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce.

(Minutes recorded by Carolyn Greene and Barbara Hattier, and prepared by Mike Courtney)